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SE Ranking is an all in one SEO software with potent backlink monitoring functionality that can provide plenty of insight into your backlink profile. The next option is $149. Some of these backlinks may be coming from websites that have been penalized by Google. These tools will help you track your backlinks and show you if any of your links have been removed. 40/month billed annually. Language: all languages. They greatly simplify link building, but you should take a close look at their subscription plans — most of them can hardly be called affordable. Linkody is a web based backlink management and monitoring tool designed to help businesses, marketers, and SEO professionals track, analyze, and optimize their backlink profiles.

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Factors to Consider Before selecting a backlink monitoring tool, consider factors such as accuracy, data presentation, depth of analysis, pricing, and customer support. Reply STOP to unsubscribe. It was a great addition to my online marketing strategies. Yes, other tools like Majestic can run reports on gained and lost backlinks, but the fact that this tool lets you monitor specific backlinks from certain pages is amazing and isn’t something other tools offer. 50 per month and comes with a free trial, too – this allows you to monitor one domain and includes up to 50 keywords and 500 referring page searches. SEMrush can help you with. This can be helpful in understanding why links have been added or deleted and whether or not they helped with ranking. Just click on the site listing in Ahrefs, and you’ll be prompted to enter all of the necessary data for your site, including the URLs. Here we cover some general principles before listing specific tools. Market Share Market share is calculated based on the data captured and tracked on the 6sense platform. While Ubersuggest is most noted for its keyword prowess, it is also quite an effective backlink tracking tool. BacklinkGap supports all the above steps to monitor backlinks. I like all the points you made.

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Why is Backlinks Monitoring Required?

Semrush is our top recommendation for a backlink checker. Monitor Backlinks is an amazing tool for SEO professionals. As such, they increase your domain’s authority, improving your ranking on search engine results pages SERPs. You choose in the field response code, for example, 404 and 500. You can @ mention a page as many times as you like on a single page. Once this information is apparent, it can then be fixed.


This may influence which products or services we review also where and how those products appear on the site, this in no way affects our recommendations or the advice we offer. Perfect for professionals and small agencies. By Ice lijauco Aug 30, 2021 Business, Digital marketing, Internet marketing, Local SEO, SEO 0 comments. Why is this feature useful. It makes your work easier. The Local Rank Tracker tool connects to your Google Search Console and Business Profile. With SerpWatch Backlink Checker, you can easily monitor backlinks for your domain and get an in depth overview of your backlink profile. SEMrush is a Software as a Service Saas company that was built with a focus on boosting clients’ online visibility and marketing analytics for a price. Org markup, and more. Quality is more important than quantity, and regular analytics is more beneficial than the automatic generation of materials for external posting. We’ll crawl, index check, pull the metrics and add them to your stats easily.

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When a backlink changes into 404 error or is completely gone, we receive a message. Hungry for intel on the competition’s secret sauce. Recently updated on September 14th, 2023 at 10:39 pm. In the backlink profile, for example, you can filter the results as you see fit. Let’s now check some backlink tracking tools. It offers a comprehensive SEO toolkit that includes the SEO staples such as keyword research, rank tracking, and site audit. The following are some SaaS software as a service solutions that small business owners can use to improve the organic search traffic of their websites. Way 1: Use the tables that were given earlier. Just Enter Your Email Address Below To Get FREE, Instant Access. Some of them won’t, of course, like their affiliated partner domains and so on. Ninja Outreach is a great tool for finding thousands of bloggers and influencers in your industry over 25 million at the time of writing.


SE Ranking is a much simpler tool than Ahrefs or Semrush, but it can be equally helpful for backlink monitoring. Today, we pick the 9 best SEO tools to check backlinks of any website. You can also connect the Backlink Audit Tool to Google Analytics and find pages that attract the most backlinks. After updating data, you’ll see the following window displaying changes in link statuses. Thanks to its excellent link segregation approach that dissects fresh and historic backlinks, Majestic has stayed true to its nature. Great defence against companies who play dirty with negative SEO. Whether it’s one project or 150 projects, ZEFO always provides us with accurate and reliable data and helps us every day to improve performances. Use anchor text analysis to detect possible negative SEO attacks on your website. With this tool, you can also perform IP and C block analysis. Quality relates to the relevance and trust of your link sources as well as the content surrounding the links to your site. Serpple consolidates everything seamlessly.


Note: AIOSEO recently released a free Broken Link Checker plugin. For example, you can check in real time if a particular backlink is still there at that present moment, and find out whether links are UGC/Sponsored. It’s free, so why not try it out. One of the most impressive features of this backlink analysis tool is its ability to automatically categorize your backlinks, making it easy to understand your link profile at a glance. With SEO link building, you can promote your brand and services in a better way. The best thing about this tool is that it performs backlink analysis, keyword research, and competitor research. One of the most popular tools for backlink monitoring is Ahref. Completely free forever, even if you don’t use Google Ads. Ahrefs shows you the complete picture of followed vs nofollowed links for any target.

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This isn’t quite as high as Semrush, but it’s not far off—and it still managed to find more referring domains than Ahrefs for some of my test searches plus 100k more keywords. Since you know what content lives on your site, you can also find opportunities to re optimize existing web pages for related secondary keywords. You then break that topic down into its parts. Hunter lets you find professional emails in seconds without even registering. This is how it works. What are the best steps to take. We find the link profile analysis tool especially useful. Other than the backlink monitoring tools that exist in large SEO platforms, there are some other tools that are specialized to monitor your backlinks. Key features include new and lost backlink alerts, allowing you to stay informed about changes in your backlink profile, and anchor text analysis to assess the relevance of your backlinks. For a newly built business site, do I need to have backlinks. A backlink portfolio summarizes different segments, acquired at different times. Why do link builders turn to Collaborator.

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If you are looking for simple and free backlink analysis tools, you can’t go wrong with Neil Patel’s free backlink checker tool. Lastly, Ahrefs makes it easy to export data and reports to CSV or PDF format for reporting and further analysis. I was super impressed with the new index. So according to Moz, my site has 344 backlinks, from 34 unique domains. With a plethora of options, it’s crucial to saddle up with a tool that’s tailored to your needs. The rel attribute enables you to send a signal to Google about the relationship to the linked content. Whenever you create a backlink, add it to Backlink Checker to get notified if it is removed or edited and take necessary action proactively. Linkio backlink monitoring is as detailed as “the top 3s.

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In this article, we will review the top backlink monitoring tools and their features to help you choose the right one as per your desired expectations. The conclusion from the AgencyAnalytics review is that it’s a nice backlink monitoring tool for agencies that need to cater to their clients not only in terms of results but also in reporting. Hi guys,First off many thanks for all the info you guys send me, it’s tops. Step 5: If your site has a vast backlink profile, Serpstat may not show your backlink data. Rank Tracker is the primary tool used by website owners and SEO professionals to monitor search engine rankings of website’s pages for specific keywords. I’m an MBA and A former Sales Professional with a knack for experimenting with Content and Copywriting. Sitechecker is the easiest platform to control SEO growth. On clicking that, you will get a very intuitive form that you can fill the details of your link with. Remember, it’s not just about the number of backlinks, but also the variety of referring domains. While there’s a fully free version of Open Site Explorer, the number of searches you can perform daily is limited unless you subscribe to MozPro, where prices start at $99 per month. Like Citation Trust, MOZ ratings and Keywords. A week is enough for spammy backlinks to overload and hurts your SEO. That way, you can focus on building backlinks from sites in your industry.


Competitor tracking is definitely a plus. With such a large pool of users, it’s easy to find people i. This is the best strategy for ranking in small markets, so it makes a lot of sense for you to build your own network. If you want to export more, you can use the paid version. Mention allows you to use the tool for free with limited features. It provides Google indexing checks and the addition of unindexed links the addurl function. Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t allow you to export or save your backlink reports. Include placement fees as well as fees for creating guest posts. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Why is this feature useful. What comes to mind when you think about creating a “good” link profile. SEO Backlink Monitor 1. It also collects and displays other vital metrics as we’ve shown you in the section above.

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Note: For this analysis, I focused on total referring domains. If you’re not sure what a term means, just hover the cursor over the word, and the tool will give you a short definition. 65% customers respectively. This will help you find potential link sources that you can consider for link building purposes in order to improve your Google rankings. OpenLinkprofiler is the favorite SEO tool for many bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and developers. A link profile refers to the collection of backlinks that point to a particular website. Discover new ways to increase your domain authority DA and Domain Rating DR by analyzing your competitors’ link profiles.


In the ever evolving world of SEO, staying ahead of your competition is essential. You may see the overall number of backlinks, the domain rating, and the caliber of the backlinks leading to your website with Ahrefs’ potent backlink checker tool. Get Backlink Monitoring Google Sheet. The backlink checker shows metrics about the referring page, including its domain rating, the anchor text, and the domain traffic. Like many other backlink checkers, you can also disavow bad links using SE Ranking. The first step to this will be using your backlink monitor to keep a catalog of the activity on your domains. Step 6: To identify web pages that get you the most number of links, check the “Indexed Pages” option. To create your inventory, add the web page URLs and target keywords — then, the page details are saved to your inventory with the current SEO score. Our aim to make search engine optimization SEO easy.

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Several technical factors can influence the value of your, and it may be difficult to keep track of them manually. Because it’s a desktop SEO tool, we don’t have to pay for hundreds of servers to process your data. When other websites link to a page on your website, search engines like Google use these backlinks as a signal that your content is relevant and valuable, which can help boost your rankings for targeted keywords. She is a sought after keynote and CLE speaker throughout the United States and Canada. So, what will the $14. Besides backlink analysis, you can also use Semrush on other aspects of search engine optimization and digital marketing. The most comprehensive website for teaching the fundamentals of search engine optimization. Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing and Analytics. There is also an Alert feature similar to Google Alerts where you can get an email delivered for your keywords, or even backlinks built to some page. Plus, you get a user friendly GUI and reports with insightful information. By utilizing link building tools, you can save time, increase efficiency, gain a competitive edge, analyze and monitor your backlinks, and effectively promote your content. There is also an internal link analysis tool, which tells you how many links are pointing to internal pages on your website. Otherwise, you’ll spend $720 a year. This way you can monitor search performance with higher accuracy.

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The difference between the two is that image links are embedded within an image, and JavaScript links can link to a website or another web page. SEMrush is a backlink software that offers a comprehensive set of features to help you improve your link generation strategy. Spam Score is another cute addition to Moz’s backlink monitor tool that can help you identify if spammy webpages are linking to your website, to that you can disavow them and repair your online reputation. If you’re set to do away with backlinks that you refused in the past, you can click on the filter that’s named “disavow. The overwhelming benefit of using Semrush for these activities is that you can conduct each click here task without having to leave Semrush itself – the data is all there and can be accessed in seconds. Check the domain authority with Serpstat Domain Rank. Step 4: The “Anchors” option shows the exact linked phrases for all the backlinks.

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The backlink profile of a website is a major criteria to rank high on search engines. Majestic even tracks the freshest backlinks in a separate “fresh index”, weighting them more heavily as newer links are better indicators of relevancy and new links are more likely to still be live. 99 per month for a single user. Benefits of Link Building Tools. WebFX® 1995 2023 Celebrating 25+ Years of Digital Marketing Excellence. Do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing from just one platform. Hunter automatically verifies every email it gives you, so you know the address is good before you send any outreach emails. LinkMiner has integration support with other tools such as SERP simulator, SERPWatcher, KWFinder, Mangools API, etc. The tool itself is also available in multiple languages.

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If you want to make a complete analysis of backlinks, then you need to try out Ahref. CONS Expensive to calculate. Specific page analysis to find pages linking to your competitors and not to you. The plugin has added 0 additional options to your WordPress. Links and SEO Links are an essential element of SEO. Launched in 2008, Majestic. It gives you a great view of your competitors’ top ranking anchor texts. Effective SEO tools for website SEO audits, Analysis, SEO Reports, Backlink Checker, Keyword Rank Checker, Domain Authority Checker, SEO Checker and more. Decrease the number of spammy links pointing to your site and increase quality links. Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t allow you to export or save your backlink reports.

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While you’re here, check out our roundup of SEO statistics to learn more about the state of SEO and how to dominate the search results this year. I really like the competitor research tool and here SE Ranking is one of the best I have tried that covers the Scandinavian market. Although Moz is coming back in a big way. The Dashboard really does give you all the information you are seeking in one place and is perfectly built to show correlation in your efforts. Then add the URL to the banner at the top and hit enter to analyze. Dedicated SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush give a meta picture of the links lost and gained. They also have a free backlink checker.

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The whole thing is super user friendly. Backlink Patrol delivers a service that can strongly improve the efficiency of your guest blogging and paid back linking endeavors. Their free account hides away a lot of the details that are only available to subscribers. For large agencies and enterprises. From competitor analysis to checking broken backlinks, this tool offers you a wide variety of options and advantages. It finds leads and popular blogger profiles from Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Request Free AnalysisHire Expert Now. Our mission is to empower businesses with reliable data and intelligent analytics to create and optimize sustainable digital marketing strategies. With LinkChecker Pro, you get real time alerts whenever a link is removed, changed, or broken. Go to the projects section. In the world of search engine optimization SEO, backlinks play a crucial role in determining the visibility and authority of a website.

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With “Ranktracker,” all is very simple “no muss no fuss”, and all we need is in one place as and when required. Some of the most popular ones are The New York Times, Fox News, and Mashable. In this way, you will be able to target some of the reputable names in the industry that have linked to the content of your competitors and reach out to them for backlinks to your own website as well. If you’re outreaching for link opportunities, including guest posting opportunities or executing skyscraper campaigns i. Monitor Backlinks is an amazing tool for SEO professionals. Pricing: Prices start at $14. Welcome to the download page of Backlink Checker, a cutting edge software developed by DataDoctor. This AI tool examines your content by buyer journey stages and detects the copy that works the best; ImpactHero is available for $200 USD $299. Therefore, you should always make sure you get the most out of them. When a website owner is unable to handle a large number of low quality or artificial links and their site is in danger of being punished, they can ask Google to stop considering those links when determining their website’s ranking.